About Us




My name is Disheka Moore and I am the Founder of Eye Driven LLC. I am driven to ensure that when you wear our frames, that you feel the positive effects behind the benefits of Blue Light Blocking eyewear. We live in a time where you can no longer browse on your electronic devices for hours at a time without experiencing the detrimental effects of blue light wavelengths. 


To give you a background of myself. I am a rising senior computer science major attending Spelman College and I am a software engineer and entrepreneur. I spend a lot of my undergrad time working diligently utilizing my computer science skill set to make a difference in each and everyone’s lives, whether that is coding, enjoying hobbies or working with Eye Driven. 


When you order a pair of frames from us, you are not only supporting the brand and mission of Eye Driven, but you are investing in the lives of others who will be putting their optic health first. My passion does not stop here though, expanding will be the goal. So until then, I thank you all for your support thus far and hope you remember to stay driven. ✨